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Our Sponsors

Kadena is the leader in distributed digital ledgers, with the first secure, scalable platform and simplified smart contract language designed for business. Kadena helps organizations achieve more with blockchain.

Website: https://kadena.io/

Reliable’s world-class delivery capabilities bring together our global reach, industry expertise, innovative solutions, and deeply-skilled professionals generating business value for our clients through reliable, cost-effective and consistently high-quality services.

Website: http://reliablegroup.com/

The Vision of FutureLab merges the strengths of a forward-looking consulting firm with a visionary technology firm into one powerful union of expertise, methods and tools to help you meet and master the future.

Website: https://futurelabconsulting.com/

We help clients harness modern digital technologies to win in this era of unprecedented change. By bringing together robust engineering and elegant design, we partner with our clients to supercharge their digital transformation.

Website: http://tvsnext.io/

PeerStream is pioneering real-world adoption of blockchain technologies by developing blockchain oriented software, middleware, protocols and applications for consumers and enterprise use cases. In addition to developing proprietary blockchain software, PeerStream offers consulting services and business solutions to clients, helping identify advantageous distributed technology strategies and then integrating public or private blockchain solutions to advance their business objectives.

Website: https://www.peerstream.com/
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