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Wednesday, October 10, 2018 - 1:30–2:15

TOPIC: UX, Usability & Why it’s essential for blockchain Adoption

The usability and user experience (UX) of decentralized applications will influence adoption rates of blockchain spanning sectors including supply chain, finance, marketplaces, medicine, and e-commerce. The way a user interfaces (UI) with an application running on a blockchain needs to be intuitive, clean, and pleasurable.

  • Why is design important and how should we consider it in blockchain products?
  • How is usability being addressed in blockchain?
  • What is on the horizon?
Cindy Mallory Jakt
Cindy Mallory
Co-Chair Blockchain Committee, The VR/AR Association, Emergent Tech Strategist
Bryant Nielson The Blockchain Academy
Bryant Nielson
Executive Director & Founder
The Blockchain Academy
Peter Mcaliney Montclair State University
Peter Mcaliney
Chair - Universities and Education Community of Interest, Government Blockchain Association, Executive Director, Continuing and Professional Education
Montclair State University
Scott McGovern Blocklr
Scott McGovern
Gordon Meyer
Gordon Meyer
Blockchain Consultant
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